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Discover your Medicare Solutions 

Dental and Vision 

Affordable options to help with the extra cost Medicare plans don't cover.

Medicare Solutions

Enhance your Medicare plan. Find all the missing coverage & benefits and choose the best plan.

Final Expense

It's not too late to find coverage to leave the burden off funeral cost off your loved ones

Medicare vs. Medicare



Medicare plans

What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage Plans are another way to get your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage, these plans usury carry additional benefits, which may include some cost savings or subsidies toward hearing, dental and vision care. These "bundled" plans include Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance), and usually Medicare drug coverage (Part D).

Why is a Medicare Advantage plan right for you?

Original Medicare only pays 80% of the cost of medical care. With a Medicare Advantage Plan you are only responsible for a small copay, typically less than 20% of a doctor visit or procedure. Extra benefits often included in Medicare Advantage plans include dental coverage, vision coverage, hearing exams and hearing aid coverage.

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Milton S. - Rialto, CA

Medicare scared me. I don’t understand it all. But there was somebody there to help me, Alyssa from Hightree Insurance. If you’re in California give her a call. She came to my home and helped me choose a plan with my medical needs in mind. She also helped me understand part a, part b, part c and part d. There’s too many parts! And she has ethical standards and she does not charge for her services!

Stephen R. -Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hightree Insurance has been my go to for all my insurance needs. And now they offer Medicare! I knew I needed a Medicare Advantage plan but wasn’t sure about which company to go with. They made it easy to choose by pointing out the benefits of each plan that worked with my Dr. All your insurance needs in one place. What a great team they have.

Rita W.  -San Bernardino, CA

Sandra and Alyssa were a great help to me when I needed help guiding through medicare. They were able to set me up with a Medicare Advantage plan that ended up saving me $125 a month. They also were able to assign me to the dr of my choice!

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